Saturday, March 6, 2010

the start of dominance

Dominance. That can be a powerful word to use when describing a situation or a relationship. When you are with a partner for a period of time one will eventually exert dominance over the other to varying degrees. As a male, you want that to be you. One thing you should be aware of is that your lady wants you to be dominate as well (that is, most women do want their male partner to be strong and be the leader).
You do not have to overpowering to dominate. Simple acts will reinforce that role. If you are at a party take a moment to tell her you want to show her something (it can be anything like a painting or a chair) and use your hand to direct her to the new location. Do not point or just lead. Let her feel the strength in your hand. Another method is to talk to her when she is blocked by a wall or another object. Move in close and let her know she is captive to you for the moment.
When you are about to go to a function and you want to impress her, wear big clothes. Shirts with long sleeves, a sports jacket or a suit will make you look bigger and more powerful. The less she wears, the more powerful you will be in her eyes and she will depend on you to keep the other male predators away.
Remember to use your size to your advantage. Occasionally put your arm around her but do not over do it and look clingy or scared to leave her alone. It is important for you to tell her what you will be doing so she can be prepared, but don’t explain unless it’s important to do so. For example, at a party tell her that “We will be leaving after 11pm” but you shouldn’t have to explain why.
Next blog will discuss what to do when you are alone with her and how to make her more submissive.

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