Monday, February 22, 2010

Haven Story

I don't know if you have had time to check out my novel "Haven" but I would like to give a bit more information about the story and how it relates to the sequels "Praxton, Slaves of the Rogue World". Society pushes us towards political correctness, something that has being going since history began I suppose. Certainly a lot of people came to the New World to escape what they considered an oppressive society in the Old World.
Haven takes place in the far future where political correctness makes humans want to establish their own worlds under their own laws. However Earth doesn't want these outlying worlds to have too much independence and forces them to agree to the Charter of Conduct, a document enforcing Earth's way of life. When Haven is rediscovered by Earth and the Alliance Worlds, they discover that eating meat, using wood and having natural birth is no longer considered civilized. A struggle begins between the opposing views.
Haven touches on the world of Praxton. When the story of Haven is told Praxon is still an independent world but is facing increasing hostilities to agree to the Charter of Conduct.
Praxton's crime is the keeping of women in a collar that identifies their male guardian, and the population of Praxton is such that there are several females for each male. I have simplified the Praxton story line here of course, but one thing I like to emphasise is that the women choose to live on Praxton under these conditions. In fact the Alliance Worlds are appalled how many women choose to immigrate to Praxton.

The fact is many women do enjoy being tied up occasionally, wear collar and cuffs and like to have an occasional spanking, or at least fantasize about it. So in the face of political correctness, I wrote about Praxton.
Television doesn't have a problem showing a woman being murdered but can you imagine the outcry if one is spanked? I guess being murdered is the lesser of the two evils.

Nick Howard

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