Thursday, March 11, 2010

Keeping her naked

I mentioned how I spanked “M” for the first time and I continued to push my dominance over her carefully over the next few weeks. I suppose some would call it training but I thought of it conditioning her to accept myself as her master.
On one occasion I phoned her in the morning before she went to work; she still lived separately from me. I told her I wanted her to wear a skirt but she was not to wear any panties. She protested she was already dressed but that simply told me she wasn’t really refusing my command, just the timing of it. I then repeated my command and informed her she was now going to receive discipline as well when I saw her later. There was a small hesitation and she said she was sorry and would change immediately. Of course I administered a spanking that evening and then made her stand in a corner for ten minutes. The next time I phoned in the morning and told her what to wear there wasn’t any hesitation in her agreement.
On the following weekend I stayed over and wanted to exert my control. I told her she was not allowed to get dressed until I said so and I would choose what she could wear later. I went out Saturday afternoon alone. I didn’t tell her where I was going or when I would be back. She glared at me, which earned her several swats on her bum, and I left. I went for a coffee, returning almost two hours later and saw she was naked and subdued. She apologized for being defiant and kneeled in front of me. I was pleased at her new attitude and took her out for dinner that evening, giving her only a dress and shoes to wear.
During the next few weeks I would also tie her up in different positions when the opportunity arose. Cuffs would have been easier, but I preferred to use rope at those first sessions. I liked to use lots of rope that made her feel completely captured and helpless. I didn’t use much discipline then, but was watching her carefully as she submitted to being captive. She was enjoying her bondage sessions and mild spankings, but I was planning to increase the discipline a bit. In the next blog I will explain what I did next.

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