Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I recall fondly the first time I felt “M” was under my control. I was very patient with her, slowly showing her my ability to direct her to do what I wanted. Then one evening I decided to take the leap and push her into a submissive act for the first time. Afterwards she asked me what took me so long! I guess I missed a few hints before she was ready.
We had an outing to a nice lounge for drinks and a small bite to eat, and then I took her to my place. She was wearing a short skirt and a simple top, looking very pretty and sexy. The skirt was something I told her on the phone I wanted her to wear. She complied without comment and I had a sense she knew something was going to happen.
At my place I gave her a drink and sat next to her on the couch, joking with her and letting my hands run up and down her legs. After she finished her drink I told her last week she had been having naughty thoughts and I needed to correct that. Her response was something like how I planned to do that, and as an answer I put my arm around her shoulder and pushed her down and over my lap.
“M” giggled as she rolled over my lap and I quickly established my control by giving her several swats on her ass. She didn’t struggle other than place a hand over her backside that I quickly grabbed to pin her better. I lifted up her skirt to her waist and pulled down her panties before spanking her again. She gave a small shriek but it didn’t sound like a protest. I knew she was waiting what I was going to do next, and that was to push her top and bra off. I told her I wanted her naked and she assisted me as she rested across my lap. After I removed her skirt I gave her another spanking. I then removed my belt and told her to cross her wrists behind her back. She quickly obeyed and I tied her wrists with my belt. I had her; naked, secured and looking lovely over my lap.
I told “M” that from now on I was going to control her. After a brief hesitation she nodded. I allowed her to get up after another spanking but kept her hands secured behind her back. I still had more plans for her. I would like to point out the spanking wasn’t hard. It was not meant to cause her any pain but to establish I could spank her when I wanted to.
Next blog I will talk about on my next steps with “M”.

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