Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Collar time

I remember the first time I presented "M" with a collar. It was a beautiful metal and black leather collar that used a small padlock to ensure its closure. When I opened the package in front of her I expected she would be hesitant about accepting it. "M" has a strong personality and she fought me as I pressed my control over her. The collar is very symbolic; it asserts that the person wearing it is a sub and I was not going to force it on her. If she refused to wear it I would continue my task of dominating her. So far she had resisted my attempts but after some discipline she would obey my wishes.
I did understand she enjoyed being spanked, but she preferred it first if I used my strength to pull over my knee. Once she had been spanked, always bare bottomed, she would act like a proper sub. It was a game she liked to play, to see how far I would go to keep her in line.
I did use bondage as a way of discipline. I would use ropes to secure her to a door, hogtie her and even occasionally to the coffee table. Believe me, there are a lot of ways to use rope to secure a pretty woman to a position.
Back to the collar. When "M" saw the collar she was ecstatic. She quickly put it on and knelled in front of me. Her words were, "I finally feel like a proper slave now."
It marked the end of "M"s resistance to me. With that collar I now had full control.

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