Friday, April 9, 2010


After "M" submitted to me we had a lot of fun experimenting with different types of bondage and discipline. I liked using rope on her and she preferred the bonds to be tight. Those were the fun times- any time I felt like it I could tie her up. She accepted that I knew best and never argued when I felt the need.

I also expected her to tell me if she felt she had been bad. She told me that since she was never sure if I already knew she had disobeyed, she would always tell me as soon as possible any infraction she may have done.
Last night she came into the TV room and after gaining my attention, removed her clothes and then slid over my lap. She told me she had wasted time during the afternoon watching a soap opera and deserved to be spanked for it.

Of course I appreciated her honesty in informing me of her indiscretion, and also making the punishment easy and lying naked over my knee. I suspected she wanted to spanked and looked for the opportunity to get one. I decided to oblige her. First I used my hand and then I finished off the spanking with a few wacks with my belt.
That night in bed she was still feeling guilty about her behaviour and did her best to make it up to me.

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