Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I not much of a believer in spanking children, however I do enjoy spanking "M" occasionally and like seeing the odd picture of a women being spanked. In my discussions with my lady friends it seems most of them enjoy the pat on their rear as well. There are a lot of spanking blogs, a lot of them by women so it seems this may be a popular pass time.
I prefer the use of a hand on the bare bottom, believing the cane or other devices may cause too much pain or marks afterwards. Still, if your lady likes a firmer spanking then by all means do use it.
I'm doing a bit of research on spankings because I would like to write a story on it and so I have cruised through a few sites. Most of them very interesting. I did avoid the ones that were pay sites, as I wanted to read stories and see pictures that were more likely authentic.
These two pictures came from vintagespank.com, by the way. A very nice site. And yes, that is Elvis from one of his movies.

Great news: I have a new free story posted by a new writer, Samantha. She was kind enough to let me post "Naked Vampire at School". Have a read- it's very good- and check out her other writing.
I have asked her to write a blog for me and I hope she agrees. To convince her to you think I should threaten her with a spanking? LOL.

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