Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hi Everyone,

I hope my blog is okay. I wasn't sure what to write but since I didn't want to be spanked I figured I should write something, especially since Nick has been so nice to me.

I'd like to give Nick a big thank you for not only cheering me up by giving me something to do and inspiring Violet's story but also for hosting my story on his site. It's such a big compliment for me since he's such a great writer. Thank you Nick.

When Nick first offered to host a story I write for his site and mentioned my other NIS stories. That's why I wrote an NIS story, and since one of my stories has a main character who's a vampire, I decided to write another NIS story with a vampire for him. Most NIS stories cover an entire week but since Nick wanted a short story I just wrote Violet's Monday entry. I did leave the ending open so I could add on if I wanted. I also posted Vampire Naked in School at storiesonline and so far all those who've written have liked it and think I should continue Violet's story for the entire week. I hope you will enjoy her story as much as they have. And it's quite probable there will be more of her story in the near future.

Happy reading Everyone and thank you again Nick,

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