Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New story: To Capture a Star

I have a new release through Extasy Books titled “To Capture a Star”. This is a science fiction story that shares the same universe as the Praxton series, and I actually did include a visit to the planet Praxton.

The tale involves the search for an actress, Carlie, by a detective agency. Carlie has been kidnapped and taken to a slave training facility, despite her pleas and offers to buy her way out. The concept of beautiful women made into sex slaves is not new, but I did put a new twist on it.
The slave training facility is run like a business and the costs of training slaves are monitored. While there is discipline involved for poor behaviour, most of the training is physiological. A pair of trainers works with a group of slaves, and in this case Carlie is housed with two other females and one male. Discipline, humiliation and also reward for good behaviour are the tools used to force slaves to submit to the training.
While Carlie is kept in the training facilities, private detectives Jill and Nathan follow leads as they travel to different planets. When they land on the planet Praxton, a struggle occurs between them on who is in control.
I hope you will enjoy the mystery on who actually paid for Carlie's abduction to turn her into a slave. There's also the changing relation between Carlie and the other slaves and between the two main detectives.
Nick Howard

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