Sunday, February 5, 2012

Princess Leia as a slave

There are some simple truths about the attraction between men and women. One, women wear clothes that reveal their figure and shoes that give their height and slightly adjust their posture. Men wear clothes that cover their bodies. Their suits give the suggestion they have broad, strong shoulders.
Men look for women with a figure; women look for tall men.
Alright, I know there’s a lot more to it than that. But let’s consider this: men look for a curvy body and women look for a powerful man. Yes I know there are other factors, but I’m talking about the first glance. For example if I write a story, the lead male better be tall and perhaps a little rough around the edges. Otherwise women don’t find the story interesting. They want him to be aggressive as well- a take charge guy.
I suppose this simple breakdown leads to some observations.
For one, we might have powerful men trying to control sexy women.

For example Princess Leia as a sex slave for Jabba the Hut in the old Starwars movie. For your viewing pleasure I’ve included some photos. Judging by the group photo a lot of women like to play the role of a Princess Leia. I would guess an equal number of men find Princess Leia, or the imitators, sexy. There is something about a bikini clad woman wearing a collar and chain that makes her very interesting.

For women, I suppose a man in a suit and tie represents power and strength, making him more interesting. That interest will increase with height and if he has strong facial features.
I suppose the ideal couple is a man in a suit holding the chain to a collared Princess Leia. Not likely to happen, but remember I write fiction so anything is possible.

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