Friday, November 11, 2011

Erotic Control

Can control be erotic?

I have recently finished another story in my favourite genre, erotic science fiction. It this case the story takes place in the far future and the main characters get to roam around various star systems looking as detectives as they search for a kidnapped woman.
I shall leave the details of the story for another time and also what makes this a science fiction story versus a fantasy novel. Instead I want to touch on what makes this story fall under the erotic variety.
The definition I come to understand about erotica versus pornography is if you take the sex out of the story, will it still hold together? In this case I can assure you it does. In fact I don’t have that much sex in it. But I do bring in erotica another way.

The women in my story are not weak. They have strong characters and know what they want. However the men in the story are take charge kind of men. They have physical and mental strength. And they can make women submit to them. Certainly the submission is not immediate. It does take time for a lady to place her trust in her man.

So the erotica I’m talking about here is control. For example how about a husband ordering his wife to be naked when he comes home? How about telling her when he leaves for work in the morning she isn’t allowed to wear any underwear that day? Or how about if he texts her that no matter where she is , she must remove her panties? He may decide one Saturday that she needs to wear a crotch rope under her clothing.
He could also decide she needs a spanking. Whether she actually has done anything wrong or not isn’t the issue. It is his ruling she needs a spanking and he will decide how hard the spanking will be. My preference would also be bare ass and being naked is even better.
There are other methods to establish control of course. A locked collar is an excellent symbol and provides a constant reminder she is under his power. For a short period of time at home her wrists can be tied together, allowing her time to accept his influence.
Understand that I’m not saying the man forces her to submit but rather use his strength of character to bend her to his will. Also, he is not allowed to abuse her. The spankings should hurt and stimulate her but not cause her distress.

I trust you agree that the above can be sexy and erotic. Of course such situations can also easily lead to sex. So to answer the question in the first line, I would say in this situation the answer is yes.
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