Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Prenuptial, a new spanking story

I have a new short (actually quite short) story that has just been released through Trapezium books. It takes place in a lawyer’s office where a female attorney is administered discipline by her strong, masculine boss.
I tried to keep this story light and more of fantasy style rather than being serious. Of course spankings can be serious stuff but I decided to use the point of view from the female and let her own imagination of the spanking come through.
Here is the blurb for the story and a link to Trapezium Books.

It was the most unusual prenuptial agreement lawyer Shelly Macintyre had seen, stirring memories of her time learning under the strict Robert E Steinhauser. When she walked into office to negotiate the agreement, it wasn’t just the sight of him that made her knees go weak, but what he took out of his briefcase.
As with most of my stories I try to make spankings and BDSM consensual. I don’t like or believe in over powering to get one’s way- in particular when dealing with relationships. However once a person allows herself to be dominated, then a certain amount of force can be used. For example to use rope to secure limbs. The other thing is I think if one is going to the trouble to tie or spank someone, then clothes generally can get in the way. (Okay, I know you can cut off the clothes afterward too, but that can be expensive. You tie her up. Cut off the clothes. She buys more clothes. You get a big Master Card bill. Not so priceless.) Seeing a woman tied up fully dressed is like covering up a beautiful painting. I don’t mean to say nude is the only way to go as some lingerie can make very sexy too.

As far as spankings is concerned. Yes, I think you can start with paddling her over her jeans or skirt. But let’s face it. We both want her to bare ass eventually for the spanking. The clothes and panties only help her prepare for the final paddling.
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By the way, the story has a happy ending. :) Sorry- couldn't resist.

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  1. Interesting post. I agree bare ass is the way to go as long as he doesn't too hard. :)