Friday, September 23, 2011

Slave collars and Praxton

I want to answer a question I received about Praxton and women wearing collars..

My first book in the series is titled “Praxton, Slaves of the Rogue World”.
At the time I started the story (it was going to be a short story) and I wanted to use a title that sounded like one of those bad movies from the ‘60’s (like the Galaxy of Terror) and just have some fun with it. But, as you know, Praxton has taken a life of its ownSo to clear things up, the women on Praxton do wear collars that show they belong to a male guardian. Now the Alliance Worlds consider they are slaves, something they feel they have a moral obligation to set free. However the women on Praxton are not slaves and don’t consider themselves one. True, they must obey their guardian and
accept whatever discipline he feels is necessary to maintain the household. But there is a difference here from being a slave; women can leave their guardian and find another to take care of them.
Praxton has many more females than males and it is common for a guardian to have two or more females under his care. So if a female doesn’t like their present guardian, or can’t get along with the other females, she can seek another guardian. Praxton society may not make it easy for her to do so, but she can legally obtain a new guardian. Usually she would quietly ask her friends if their guardian is able to accept a new female or in some cases discreetly advertize for a guardian.

Now about the collars; they are not the usual collars you find here sold at various adult sites. First, most Praxton collars have matching cuffs and are considered a type of jewellery. The chains that join the cuffs are decorative and light rather than strong and heavy. Generally speaking a Praxton woman will wear her collar and cuffs at all times she is out of her bedroom. Thus the collars are usually made fairly light and made to be comfortable. A Praxton female will normally have several collars to choose from. Likely she will have a collar for special occasions that will have jewels and made with precious metals, as well as other collars that will compliment with what is wearing that day or match her mood.
The collars on Praxton normally have a closure that automatically locks (This would also true of the cuffs). Symbolically this shows the female is under the guardian’s control. In reality the female normally would have a second key in her possession in case she needed to temporally remove it.

So what do these collars look like? I have some pictures of collars that might give you an idea of the everyday style Praxton females wear. Leather is not used on Praxton; like other worlds the use of animal skins is considered barbaric. Thus other materials are used that may appear to be like leather but would be slightly different. Some of these pics are taken from Have look at their website, some very interesting items.

Anyway, I hope this post gives abetter understanding of Praxton collars and what they mean.

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