Thursday, August 25, 2011

Spanking the lady

I like the image of the naked woman (wife? girlfriend?) on the knee of the gentleman. It appears he is wearing a suit. Thus we have the image of a powerful man and a vulnerable lady. Overall I find the picture rather erotic.
I'm not sure of the accuracy of statistics of woman who liked to be spanked. I have heard some rather high percentages on that, something like 80%. But likely the ones answering such a survey (they are of the on-line variety) are interested in discipline anyway and thus found the survey on a spanking site. One lady I know told me she likes the thought of a spanking rather than the actual spanking. Specifically she said it was the knowledge that her husband could spank her if he decided to do so.

One of the stories I'm working on- I think I'm about half way through- has a spanking situation in it. A new relationship has the man telling his girlfriend that he wants to spank her. I suppose he could have done the "I'm in charge" thing and just drag her over his lap, spank her and to hell with the consequences. However I have him suggesting the spanking for two reasons. One, if he does just force the spanking she just might never forgive him and thus ending their romance. This he's not willing to risk. The other consideration is if she agrees to the spanking, then she is accepting he is in charge. Likely it will be the last time he would ask her to be spanked and just do it when he felt the need. So she is now has a decision to make and it's bit more complicated that what I can sum up a few sentences.

At least in this photo it appears the spanking is consensual. Certainly she looks like she is enjoying it. As for him, it's a given he's having fun. More on spanking on the next blog- its a subject I want to get to the bottom of.


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