Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tool Shed

When you live in a small town one of the advantages is you have large lots. It means more grass cutting but also you have room for other things too. Like a large deck and in my case a tool shed.
The tool shed is not that small, about six feet wide and ten feet long. I built it out of wood and even has a small window in it. Inside is a mixture of tools, a couple chairs we don't know what do with, a small work bench, and various hardware.

We were watching an old science fiction series on TV and a woman was captured and put behind bars. It occurred to me it might be interesting to have 'M' as a prisoner. Now I could have rigged something up inside the house easily enough, like putting her inside a closet. But she likes the danger of being seen without ever being caught.
Later that week at night I asked 'M' to follow me to the bedroom. There she was stripped of her clothes and ordered to put on one of my old T-shirts (I think it was the best use I ever got out of a Coors Light T-shirt). Then I secured her wrists behind her back with a pair of handcuffs.
"March" I ordered her through the house and to her surprise out the back door. She looked around to see if anyone was watching and then crossed our backyard. I unlocked the tool shed and she stepped inside. The only light came from a single light bulb overhead and it took her a minute to see the chicken wire (wire mesh of one inch squares) I had stretched over some used 2x4's to make a makeshift enclosure at the back.
I had a watering can waiting and now used it to pour water over the old shirt, making it cling to her. After she soaked I began to rip it off her. She actually let out a small moan as her hard nipples were exposed. Soon she was naked and I used one of pieces of the torn shirt to gag her. Then I sent her to back of the shed and closed the chicken wire door on her.
"I told her she was prisoner and I would be back to do what I want soon. I left her there in the shed, locking the door behind me to be safe, and watched out of the kitchen window for half and hour.
When I returned she was pressing her breasts against the wire mesh. She was breathing hard and not just because of the gag. I took her in the tool shed and then let her go.
That happened two weeks ago and yesterday she asked me if I was planning to use the prisoner box again on her. She then admitted she burnt some toast the other day. I nodded and told her a sentence would be given out soon.
NS Howard

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