Sunday, September 7, 2008


I'm writing a new story, a tale about women who allow themselves to be sold at a charity auction. It's a sequel in a way to my series called The Doorway. Several readers wanted to know about the auction mentioned near the end of part 3. I find the concept interesting and have tried to make it sound plausable.
"M" liked the story as well, but then she likes any story where bondage is part of it. I'll let you know when it's finished and posted and you can judge for yourself.

As I mentioned M does like bondage and I like to satisfy her that way when I can. We were visiting some friends who live out in the country and at the end of the evening I began to form a plan.
After we left I drove down one of those lonely country roads and stopped the car. I told her if she wanted to have a ride home she had to strip, completely. She pretended to be shocked but quickly stood at the side of the car and removed her clothing. I made her stand naked for a minute as I observed her and then allowed her to put on one item. She choose her shirt and I put the rest of her clothes in the trunk of the car. I had a bungee cord in the trunk and used that to tie her wrists together in front of her. After securing her seatbelt I drove her home, telling her all the fun I was going to have when we got home.
I do believe she was quite satisfied that night.

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