Thursday, June 12, 2008

the willow stick

I want to thank everyone for the emails they sent me regarding the last post. I'm glad most of you understand that Praxton is a fantasy, nothing more. I also found that a few of you wanted Praxton to have a little more discipline in it. A couple of ladies said they really enjoyed the spanking part of the story, more so than the collar. Myself, I like both aspects of the Praxton story. Finally I will do a second part to the story, not sure when yet.

"M" was giving attitude as she is prone to do when she wants to be punished. I waited until we were alone and then decided to take care of things. First I marched her into the bedroom and ordered her to strip. I held a small branch from a willow tree in my hand and smacked it a couple of times on my hand to let her know it was time for business. I used a long, thin rope to tie her hands behind her back and used the remaining length to go around her waist and between her legs. I tied it so if she pulled on her hands the crotch rope pulled as well. At this point she was already breathing hard with excitement and I placed a pillow in the middle of the bed and ordered her to lay over it. With her backside raised high over the pillow I made use of the willow stick. Carefully of course, as I don't want to cut her cheeks. I believe she was close to coming as she certainly did wet the pillow during her discipline and I took advantage of her soon after that.
She certainly enjoyed herself and was content to lie on the bed with her wrists tied up afterwards.
I shall keep that willow stick handy for another time.

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