Thursday, May 15, 2008

Praxton rant

As you know I'm a writer or erotica. My writings are mere fantasy, an escape from the real world. I want everyone to know that these are works of fiction. Period.
I wrote a science fiction series called Praxton, Slaves of the Rogue World. They have been well received and a third novel is being planned. I choose the title on purpose. To me it has a Flash Gordon sort of title, a little silly sounding.
I quite like the series. It has sex in it-always a good thing- and women in collars and cuffs. Occasionally there is a spanking or other discipline, something else that's good in fantasies. It takes place in the far future and if you read it carefully there is a social message in it. It does require the reader to read a bit between the lines but I wrote it for people who just want some fantasy and those who like to ponder situations.
I like to give readers free stuff and I wrote a short story called Praxton, the Proposal ( was stated in the introduction it was part of the series. It involves a woman who is invited by a man to join him on Praxton. A reader asked why an intelligent woman would allow herself to become a slave and that the male domination was a little heavy. She (let me assume a woman here) admitted she hadn't read the rest of the series and thus the history (excerpts are available).
Where do I begin? She admits she doesn't know the all facts and puts in a comment anyway. What does intelligence have to do with her wanting to be a submissive? I would bet many of intelligent women (and men) like to be submissive. In the story it it is clearly stated she kept returning to him (a bad boy, rough around the edges)so why it is a surprise she likes his domination?
A legitiminate question is why some women like to wear collars and cuffs. Fair enough. I don't know the answer. I do know some women do. Many women like the thought of being spanked. While I admit I don't know the reason why, I do know it is part of our society. So I projected that concept to a planet in the future called Praxton.
Whether you like the story or not is personal taste. But it is science fiction- a fantasy of What If?
What do you think? Should this story be taken seriously? Is the comment fair? Let me know- send me an email (if you don't want a reply just put in No Reply Wanted or NRW at the bottom). I do love comments-good and bad. I just have trouble with comments made without the person knowing all the facts (yeah, we all know the guy who knows something about everything). I'll send a free pdf copy of Book One to three randomly selected readers. email: nshwrd@yahoo,ca Thanks for listening and enjoy the summer.

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