Sunday, May 4, 2008


This is an event that happened over two years ago. I remembered it was a Tuesday, though the exact date escapes me. "M" was in the kitchen when I came in with bag from the hardware store. She asked what I had bought and not thinking much about it at first showed her a small set of wrenches and a set of bungee cords, the type that come in varying lengths with hooks on the end.
I think she thought the same thing I did about three seconds after me. Now "M" is not an exhibitionst but she does find the possibility and danger of being discovered exciting. So what happened next may have been a subconscious desire to increase that danger.

I ordered her to strip in the kitchen and she quickly and obediately removed her clothes. I then used the bungee cords to secure her wrists above and apart to two cupboard handles. Then I separated her legs by securing her knees to the lower cubboards. I could tell she was aroused and I still had a long length of cord. I placed the cord around her waist. She knew what I was going to do and moaned as I put one end between her legs. The end was then hooked back to the cord around her waist. I stood back at watched her as she closed her eyes and pulled her hands against the cords, her hips moving slightly to the pressure of the crotch rope.
The knock on the door opened her eyes fully. She whispered 'Oh, my God I forgot about her coming over for coffee.'
I spent the next ten minutes talking to one of her friends at the front door as "M" stood naked in the kitchen tied up just out of sight. Her friend decided to come back later after I told her "M" had to run to the store.

It was interesting to see "M" afterwards. She looked flushed and extremely ready for anything I could give her. Since that time she has admited it is a fantasy of hers, and should remain a fantasy she reminds me, that she is discovered tied up.
We enjoy bondage in different parts of the house but I always ask first if she is expecting any company.

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