Sunday, August 11, 2013

Damsels in Distress, the Detective

The female detective is a bit different from the other damsels in distress. For one, we can believe that she may actually exist. True, she is still a work of fiction, but unlike the Superheroine, one can assume there really are female detectives. The second part is that she usually has some fighting ability, may have a gun and is smart.
Sure, she gets herself in situations where she is in danger, but not because she wasn’t thinking. Our detective can usually outwit her adversary and escape from their devious plans for her, although not before being held helpless first.

Fortunately for her, usually when she is captured the villains don’t always know what to do with her and have to wait for the boss to show up. So she is tied up, but torture isn’t normally on the agenda because she rarely has any useful information to give them. For example:
Villain: “Who knows you’re here?”
Detective: “No one.”
Villain: “I doubt that’s true.”
Detective: “Okay, the whole police department knows I’m here.”
Villain: “I don’t believe you. You don’t know anything.”

So she is safe because there’s nothing much they want from her. In the meantime she can squirm from her bonds and turn the tables on her captors. In the photos I’ve included Emma Peel from the British TV the Avengers. She was technically a spy, but really did do detective work while wearing very nice black leather outfits. She also did get tied up a few times, often saved by the dashing John Steed. Ah, great memories of those shows.
I do have one detective novel out called To Capture a Star. The victim is in a bit of a nasty situation but our female detective is safe from the villains. As a twist, she does in trouble with her handsome co-detective and he puts her in a difficult position. Please check out the link :)

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