Friday, July 12, 2013

Superheroines in Distress

I mentioned in the previous blogs about damsels in distress, and I would like to talk about another group in that category: The Superheroine.
The superheroine, of course, doesn’t start out as a damsel in distress. She’s strong, smart and resourceful. In fact she may actually be saving other damsels. Unfortunately, despite her best intentions and planning, the superheroine can find herself in danger. That’s the nature of being a heroine; rushing in to save world means you are going to face some super evil villains.
The circumstances resulting the superheroine suddenly becoming a damsel in distress varies, although it’s usually done by trickery and/or using the superheroine’s secret weakness. Fortunately she is never killed right away when she is rendered helpless.  Rather she is given an opportunity to escape, and normally the villain will laugh with delight as he/she explains the nature of the devious trap. The villain then normally leaves our helpless superheroine alone so she can escape without being caught.
The one thing the superheroine shares with other damsels in distress is when she is captured and rendered helpless, generally she is tied up and part of her clothes are removed. The villain may be planning to kill her, but first he/she wants to humiliate her by the removal of her superheroine costume. This is good for us, as most superheroines are in great shape as evidenced by the revealing uniform that gives a indication of the body underneath.  

Anyway, all is well in the end. The superheroine turned damsel in distress turns back into a superheroine and wins the day- usually. Sometimes it ends with a teaser of the superheroine in distress and you have to wait for the next episode to see what happens. But eventually good triumphs evil and all readers breathe a sigh of relief. 

 I found a few images and have put them in for you to look at. I tried, to some degree of success, to give them a cartoon look. It seems appropriate as I recall knowing most of my superheros through comic books.

Cheers to all the Superheros and Superheroines for saving the world.

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