Saturday, January 19, 2013

age of spanking

I enjoy writing and reading spanking stories, as well as the photographs of such. I do have a preference of who does get spanked. What I do like generally speaking is women being spanked by their husband or boyfriend, or a woman being spanked by another woman. What I don’t really care for schoolgirls being caned or spanked, such as in the boarding school punishments. Yes, I’m aware most of the schoolgirls being caned or spanked in photos are actually adults pretending to be younger than they are. However, I’m of the opinion spanking adult women can be considered sexy or erotic. Spanking preadolescent girls is not. Now if parents choose to spank their children, that’s a different situation that I don’t want to get into. So my stories, and photos I place on my sites, won’t show young girls being punished. College aged women are fair game, and are about as young as I feel comfortable going. I’m not trying to be judgemental here; just stating my comfort level. For those who like spanking stories, I have a written a few. Be Careful What You Wish For, The Prenuptial, and The Shrew all have the main theme as spanking. To Capture a Star contains spanking as well as BDSM. Cheers, Nick the paddler :)

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