Sunday, October 17, 2010

Praxton customs

As I mentioned in my last blog I want to talk more on the social customs of Praxton. Many of the customs come from the time when females were treated as valuable slaves. Thus in modern Praxton females are usually restrained to their bed at night, often by being cuffed to the ankle to the foot of the bed. Normally females sleep two to a bed and also sleep in the nude. Thus females consider it normal to exchange physical touches with one another and it is not unusual for intimate relationships to develop.
Females are encouraged not to hide their body. An example is the bath and showers often have glass walls around them that allow others to see them as they wash. Some households even may have one transparent wall of the bath or shower to the outside world.
The fashions on Praxton reflect the past as well. Females wear a collar that identifies their male guardian. They also wear cuffs with various chains attached. These collars, cuffs and chains are less practical as restraints and more like fashion jewellery. While the cuffs and collars are locked, most females are allowed to carry a key to remove them as need requires. While females vary the way they wear cuffs and chains, sometimes choosing to leave them off, they will always wear a collar. The collar is a deeply ingrained symbol to Praxton and a female would never leave her bedroom without wearing one.
On my next blog I shall talk about Praxton from what males are expected to wear and how they act.

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