Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Praxton Life

I said in my last blog I would give more of an insight of Praxton and the way of life there. The rest of human civilization, namely the Alliance worlds, believe the women on Praxton are treated as slaves. Praxton disagrees but let me describe a bit about Praxton`s past.
The early history of Praxton started when two rival groups decided to colonize the planet at the same time. One group was military in structure, the other was intent on populating the world as quickly as possible and brought more women than men. Soon the military group was trying to capture the women for their own needs. After a brief war an agreement was reached but outlaw slave trading flourished.
Raiders, small groups of outlaws, would capture women from the estates of wealthy land owners. They would then sell the women to other wealthy estates.
Once a women was purchased, usually at an auction, the owner would take steps to ensure she didn`t easily disappear. The new slave would be given clothes of the owner`s choice, collared and likely cuffed with chains. Often they would be placed in a locked cell with other slaves. To help ensure her behaviour the new owner would often use mild discipline such as spanking or a light whip.
Modern Praxton reflects its not so civilized past. Women still wear collars that identify there male guardian. However the collars are more cosmetic in nature and can be very decorative. Females also wear cuffs with chains attached but wear them as jewellery. Though the collar and cuffs are always locked, most women carry a spare key to remove them in case they need to remove them for washing or changing clothes.
More on Praxton customs later, but I would like to announce Praxton, Book One is now available at Midnight Showcase

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