Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Praxton Collars

I would to give a bit more information on the collars worn by women on the world of Praxton. Before I do that, I want to be clear about one thing about the females on Praxton. First, they are not slaves. Now I know the title of the book(s) are Praxton-Slaves of the the Rogue World and that appears at first to be a contradiction. However the title refers to how the Alliance Worlds percieve them. The people on Praxton don't think of their planet as being "rogue" and they deny the females there are slaves.
The females on Praxton are submissive to males, and to a lesser degree to other females. There is a pecking order among the females- some of that is official as in the Senior Female but also on an informal standing as well.
Now back to the collars. The collars on Praxton can range in quality and type according to why the female is wearing it. A formal occasion would require the use of a more ornate collar while other collars would be used for more casual clothes. One thing a female does not do is to leave her bedroom without one on. The collar to her identifies her male guardian and she simply would not be seen without one on.
The collars, as mentioned in the books, are always locked. In reality, most females have a key to unlock their collar. This allows them to remove it for washing, or when they are shopping for another collar. Thus the appearance of a female may lead outsiders to say she is a slave, the truth is she a submissive. She wants to wear a collar and has the ability to remove it.
That's it for collars for now. If you have an opinion on them, let me know.
Happy Canada Day!

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