Sunday, June 14, 2009

website repair

I recently upgraded to Internet Explorer 8, and it caused some problems with viewing my website. I don't why everytime Microsoft comes out with new and improved versions of anything, it causes big problems with previous programs. Don't these guys test their products beyond whether it starts up?
I'm sorry for those who went to my website and found they couldn't navigate beyond the first page. Corrections have been made, but if you're having trouble viewing my website please let me know. I'll try to figure out what's going on.

Praxton Three is now being edited and I hope to release it in the coming months. I think you'll love the story as a woman from Earth is faced with a decision to travel to Praxton with her boyfriend.
I also want to announce there will be a Praxton Four. The story line is being developed and I hope to start on it this fall. Meanwhile I have a few other stories I'm working on.

"M" was being dificult and I have to say she was deserving of a bit of discipline. What is a bit surprising is how even a simple tie can reduce her to being a quiet submissive. She struggled when I took a length of rope and approached her. But once the first loop of rope went around her wrist I sensed her resolve weaken and when I tied her other wrist, she gave in. With her wrists tied behind her back she merely looked at me as she sat on the couch without any sign of deviance. I, of course, pulled down her jeans and gave her a good spanking. She didn't strauggle and I moved on to the next step of corrective action.
I have found in the past that even putting gag on her quickly reduces her resistance, and even though her hands might still be free, she doesn't dare try to remove the gag.
One lady wrote to me and told me her husband keeps a set of handcuffs in the glovebox of their truck. She like the thought that wherever they are there is a possibility he will cuff her. She admitted it rarely happens but the threat it could keeps her in line.
Let me know if the hint of bondage keeps other ladies submissive.

More details another time on simple bondage methods.

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