Monday, March 3, 2008


My lady "M" does not receive a lot of discipline, but when she does it usually is a spanking. How often she gets a spanking depends a lot on her- she will deliberately do something to warrant such action and that can happen at anytime. I do know she enjoys the sting of a spanking on her bare ass. But more importantly she did admit that she likes the fact I can and will spank her. She enjoys the control I can exert on her.
For that reason "M" also likes to be in handcuffs or tied up when she is being spanked. She likes to struggle as I punish her and has even asked for a gag so she is denied the chance to even cry out.

On a different note my novel Praxton- Slaves of the Rogue World, Book 2 won A1Adult February's Pure Erotica Award. There is excerpt of the novel on my website. If you enjoy a female being spanked there a few of those situations in the book.

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