Friday, March 21, 2008


First off I want to wish "M", my sweetheart, hapy birthday. Besides the usual small gifts, birthday cake and card I will try to do something special for her. That will involve BDSM.
"M" likes to be put into bondage and then disciplined. Not all the time of course, but her birthday is a good time for this. I like the use of cuffs. They can be quickly locked into place and limbs can be changed position easily. For example I can put her spreadeagle on the bed and then change her to a hogtie position.
But "M" likes rope, lots of it with a complex tie. Thus I have plenty of rope available for her birthday. I plan to wrap each limb with rope as well as around her body. She does like a crotch rope, espicially with her wrists tied helplessly behind her back.
The second part is the discipline. She will receive a spanking that she enjoys and possibly a small whipping on her back. It will a great birthday for her.

Sales of latest book, Praxton- Slaves of the Rogue World Book 2, has been very good. As I mentioned before it did win February's Pure Erotica Book of the Month. Thank you to all those who purchased it.

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