Sunday, February 10, 2008

Valentine's Day

February 14 is a great day to spend with your sweetheart. It also a day to give her something romantic. There are alot of things to choose from but keep in mind the gift is for her and not just something that makes you feel good. Your lady will appreciate the attention you spend on her and the thought into the gift.

Suggestion: Give her a gift she can tell her friends about. That may be a day at the spa or even a romantic dinner out. Perhaps a favourite movie of hers on a DVD.
Now you can also suppliment that gift with something else. Lingerie. Velvet handcuffs. A stylish collar. Pink bondage rope. One year I gave "M", among other things, a roll of red ribbon.

The red ribbon was about an inch wide and I used it to slowly wrap her body in it. And I mean everywhere. Around her arms and legs, over her breasts, between her legs and around her neck. She was helpless and moaned as I gently pulled at different parts of the ribbon.

So give her something she wants, and then later you can tie her up and put her in bondage and have a gift for yourself.

New Book! Praxton, Slaves of the Rogue World Book Two is being released this week. The novel continues the story of Praxton, this time the Alliance Worlds invade Praxton to free the women. However the women don't want to stop wearing their collars and cuffs and Praxton fights back.
There is a lot of nudity and the use of restraints in this story as well as mild disciline. Like Praxton Book One the bondage and sex is consensual.

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