Tuesday, January 22, 2008

winter vacation

There's nothing like a small vacation to someplace warm during winter. It will give you and your sweetheart a change to do different things. If you were waiting for a chance to introduce her to bondage this might be the time.
If you are in a tourist city, such as Las Vegas, there are shows and other events that can stimulate imaginations. You may want to go to one of the sex shops and purchase her a collar or cuffs and present it to her as gift. It could well lead to her admitting she enjoys wearing such items.
Vacations also allow you to rent a small cottage away from the crowd. Try tying her up outside. For example when she she lying out on the sun surprise her by tying her wrists together and then her ankles. Her reaction might be "What if someone sees me this way?" Of course you know that isn't likely but it will make her more excited the chance that someone will catch her that way. After a few minutes you may even take her bikini top off.
Remember when you pack to take along some rope and if if she already has a collar and cuffs to include that in the suitcase as well. And don't forget the suntan oil.

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