Friday, July 9, 2010

Time flies

Sorry I haven't done any blogging since April. There was just too much work to do around the house and I just ran out of time. I have not stopped writing though and am working on a couple of stories. One is a Christmas story I promised eXtasy Books I'd have ready this month.
I'm also trying to get my series Praxton ready for publication, these books will be published by Midnight Showcase.
Finally I have a new release by eXtasy Books called The Doorway, which is a sequel to Buy Me. The Doorway deal with bondage and BDSM and the main female character, Catherine, has a strong personality. The main male character Daniel tells her he wants to seduce her and make her his sub. The story deals with her resistance to him and the battle of wills between them.
The underlying message of The Doorway is that people have desires but don't always have a chance to act on them. In this case Catherine wonders who she really wants to be. The link for The Doorway is:
or go to EXtasy Books and look for it under new releases.
Okay, I had to give a plug for my latest book. I want to say generally speaking I like to write stories where the bondage or BDSM is consensual. I can`t always use that theme but I do find a lot of women are interested in fantasizing about being held helpless. On my next blog I will go into a bit more detail on that, and I assure you the next blog won`t be long in coming.

Enjoy the summer

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