Thursday, October 8, 2009

Quiet ties

M and I had to take a trip to Saskatchewan. Anyone that has driven through that province will usually comment on the long, straight roads. The journey can be a bit boring. Of course, off the highways one can find an abundance of lakes and other places to relax at. It's getting there the problem.
Before we left our motel room for the journey home I decided to make the trip a bit more interesting. Before she was allowed to get dressed, I added a rope around her waist with the loose end going from her backside and up between her legs and back to the rope. I didn't make the crotch rope tight- I just wanted her to feel it as she sat in the truck. Next I took a second rope and wrapped it around her torso, squeezing her breasts together and forward. I allowed her to put on her jeans and a T-shirt but nothing else.
M walked barefoot to the truck, looking a bit nervous someone would see her but on the road she was excited. The rope was making her aroused and by the time we reached the Alberta border she was ready to jump me. Needless to say the trip was far from boring and when we got home she was very aroused.

I mention this episode because not all bondage ties have to exotic. The thought of being tied up will usually make a woman more attentive. For example you can use a belt to lightly tie a lady's wrists together, and though she can easily slip out of them, she will usually sit quietly and not resist your next move.

Sometimes the simpler ties are the best and just take your time before you make your next move. It gives her time to let her own fantasies put her in a better state of mind.

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