Thursday, December 27, 2007


"M" has been willful lately, maybe something to do with being naughty or nice. Usually I use cuffs on her and then have my way with her. But this time I thought she needed- and wanted- more.

The first thing I do is put her collar on her and lock it. She will protest and give token resistance to the collar being placed around her neck but once that collar is on she becomes submissive. She gives in to my superior strength and will. I could order her to undress at this point and she would. But I prefer to undress her myself now, letting her know I'm going to hands on this time. I'm careful with her clothes but have been known to be less gentle on her panties and bra. I do believe she likes it when I tear her panties off, though the bra can be expensive so I make a decision as to whether I like the bra style or not. If it is full coverage and doesn't enhance her breasts then I will usually ruin it.

Instead of cuffs I use rope. Rope takes longer and I want her to feel the lose of her own control slowly as the rope goes around her limbs. I don't stop at her ankles, knees, elbows and wrists. I also will bind her breasts. At this point she is usually twisting her body in excitement but I like to add a crotch rope as well, often with a knot that will press against her pussy.

At this point sometimes I will gag her for a short time. One thing she knows is that later she will be disciplined, more on that in a future blog, and that I will be getting a blow job from her.

Try using lots of soft ropes on your lady sometime. It stretches out the time to put her into bondage and she will enjoy it as you slowly secure her.

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