Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hog Tie

The hog tie is a simple bondage method to hold a woman in a helpless position. With her arms behind her back and secured to her feet she is forced to lie unresisting to your advances.

You can touch her, spank her or do what you will. As you can see in the photographs she can be tied in a rather simple fashion using ropes or cuffs. However with a little imagination you can use more complex ties. After the tie is complete you can add to her submission by putting a collar on her, gagging her or attaching nipple clamps.

As in one picture you can also tie her so she is bent over backwards. Besides the workbench, chairs, multiple cushions, small tables can also work. What is important is if you can bend her back slightly (not too much- you don't want her to tire too soon). This improves her posture at her front, lifting her breasts to a pleasing position. With her hands behind her back and her legs pulled back her whole front is available for you to see and touch.

Remember she is vulnerable to your wishes. Touch her often. Massage her. Rub oil on her skin. Even, if she enjoys it, drip candle wax on her. Tying her wrists and feet together is just the first step. Now is the time to make sure she enjoys the experience for next time.

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